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Deploying Sesame 1.2.7 on JSP Hosting

My hosting uses DirectAdmin to manage the server.  Deploying .war file to this host server is different from that of deploying it directly to http://localhost:8080/ on My Computer.  The steps include:

In the Browser, open this address "https://My_WebSite_Name_here.com:2222" Login/Password as given.

In the paragraph "Advance Features" click "Tomcat Manager"

 The screen will show the managing of servlet.  JSP/Servlet access is enabled.  But, I will not use this page for uploading the WAR file.

In the FTP screen, I put the WAR file at, "/domains/My_WebSite_Name_here.com/public_html".  Tomcat Server will automatically recognize my WAR file in a couple of minutes and create a folder name "sesame" which is the subdirectory for the application.

Go back to Browser JSP/Servlet Admin Page which I have opened;  Reload the page.  In the "Path/Display Name/Status/Sessions" Table "/sesame" in red color  should appear.  If it is not appear, check whether the directory for sesame.war is "/domains/My_WebSite_Name_here.com/public_html"

If I do not change the "/sesame" from red color to black, I cannot make change to any file in side the /sesame directory.  So, I will check at the checkbox at the most-right of the /sesame line and click "Chown" in the Path Table.  Then any change make to anything inside sesame directory is no more prohibited.

Done, now I can make any change such as CHMOD 777 to the "system.conf.example" or rename it, etc.